Doctors at Primary Care Associates of Appleton

We’re very proud to be home to some of the most highly respected physicians in the Fox Valley and Wisconsin area. Together, our team of doctors represents more than 150 years of experience providing quality care, compassion and respect every patient deserves.

Family Doctors Appleton, WI - Stephen Dernlan

Family Doctors Appleton, WI - Aaron Douglas Family Doctors Appleton, WI - David Ebben Family Doctors Appleton, WI - Sonya Eiben

Primary Doctors Appleton, WI - Stephen Fuller

Primary Doctors Appleton, WI - Jonathan Hagen

Primary Doctors Appleton, WI - Steven Hagen Samuel Heiks, MD Primary Doctors Appleton, WI - Dan Heyerdahl

Primary Doctors Appleton, WI - Michael Johnson

Family Practice Appleton - Jessica Johnston-Rickert

internal medicine Appleton - Kristine Juntunen internal medicine Appleton - Travis Kroner internal medicine Appleton - Robert Makeever
internal medicine Appleton - Charles McKee

Appleton, WI Doctors - Douglas Meyer

Appleton, WI Doctors - Matthew Oetken Appleton, WI Doctors - Deborah Ralston Appleton, WI Doctors - Amy Servais


Judy Anderson, APNP Christina Jones, PA-C